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Maya Interiors offers an alluring collection of antiques, curios, handicrafts, souvenirs and ancient memorabilia from all across India.
Our Products
At Maya Interiors discover a unique collection of zeolites, precious minerals and geological specimens. The beauty.
Welcome to Maya Interiors

Maya interiors is a proprietary concern which was established in 2012. The proprietor of the company Kshamik Shah have outlined a visionto provide innovative range of Lifestyle products, furnishings and artifacts, which believes in the timeless cornerstone of design and the power of simplicity. The Company has evolved a diverse range which it currently retails from its store
The Product line focuses on Custom Artificial Grass, Geological Specimens, prefabricated swimming pool, Children Play Equipment, Wall Paper, Gym Equipments, Pebbles and Art Collection. Integrity of materials and individual craftsmanship is the focus of the brand which has established a distinct presence in the world of interiors. The company through its various Projects has also proved that the
group aims to deliver excellence and value at every stage.

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